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Monday, March 26, 2007

Rock Cats snub Wolf Pack?

Click to see the whole flyer

The New Britain Rock Cats had a table set up at the Wolf Pack home game vs. Worcester on Friday night, handing out schedules and stuff for the upcoming Rock Cats season that opens on April 5th.

One of the flyers being handed out was for "Hockey Night at New Britain Stadium", announcing "a pre-game ceremony in recognition of the Hartford Whalers" and showing Rocky in the upper right-hand corner wearing a Whalers jersey (click here to see a scan of the flyer, or click on the image above).

I'm wondering why the Rock Cats are honoring the Hartford Whalers-- a team that's been out of business for ten years and can hardly return the favor-- when there's a fellow minor league club in the Hartford Wolf Pack operating not even 12 miles away from New Britain Stadium.

I'm sure a "Wolf Pack Night" at a Rock Cats game would work out well, with the Wolf Pack being able to send over a couple of players and a mascot to sign autographs and help with the event. Who from the non-existant Hartford Whalers is going to be on hand for "Hockey Night"?

Obviously, the Rock Cats are finding it easier to wring a few more dollars out of a nostalgia trip for all of the former Whalers fans in the area-- who will no doubt show up in their moldy old green jerseys that night and act like they're really proving something-- than to have a promotional night recognizing an active hockey team that's right next door to them. A team, mind you, that lets the Rock Cats use their home games as a place to hand out crummy "Whalers Night" flyers.


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

This is a crock of shit. Hopefully Norwich has a game I can go to that day.

3/26/07, 2:19 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Hopefully the Wolf Pack will have a playoff game that we can go to that day!

3/26/07, 2:23 PM

Anonymous cc2k said...

Or we can go and wear Wolf Pack jerseys. In all honestly, every time I've scanned the crowd for familiar faces at a Rock Cats game, I've felt like I'm at a Wolf Pack home game... Pretty much the same crowd...

3/26/07, 8:34 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Here's one of those familiar faces-- as you will see when you click on it, a familiar face is not always a good thing...

3/27/07, 1:37 PM

Anonymous Stinky Whizzletooth said...

Now thats the has got to be the biggest all time life's loser i have ever seen.

3/27/07, 9:48 PM

Anonymous random woodrow said...

That dude's head looks like a big rock I once found in my back yard.

3/28/07, 6:07 PM


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