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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Semin, Ovechkin to play for Russian National Team

Alexander Semin, as quoted in Sport Express, 3/19/07:

"Alexander Ovechkin and I are making plans to play for the Russian National Team in the upcoming World Championships, and we've already booked plane tickets for Moscow for April 10th.

"I will be rooting against Pittsburgh in the first round, so that Malkin can also join the team. If Montreal doesn't make the playoffs, that would also be good, as there is Andrei Markov. Who else? Alexander Frolov-- if Los Angeles doesn't make the playoffs, I think that he will also join the team.

"I would very much like to see Maxim Avinogenov, but there isn't much hope for that, as I don't think Buffalo will lose in the first round.

"What I say won't make any difference, though, as the players aren't the ones picking the team. All we can do is show up ready to play if we're asked."


Blogger Brushback said...


Sport Express has a report out now, saying that Semin was left off the Russian National Team for disciplinary reasons.

Ovechkin: "He was late to join the team and that's the root of it.

"I know that there were some problems with his flight and the ticket.

"The incident proves that the coaches promote discipline and order in the team."

Head coach Vyacheslav Bykov: "Discipline is the same for everyone."

4/18/07, 11:54 AM


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