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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Morning Coming Down

Dubielewicz in a scramble (Photo: Rich Stieglitz/BST)

Midnight games are one thing, but morning games just don't feel like hockey. By the looks of things the Bridgeport Sound Tigers didn't feel like playing hockey this morning, either, as the Hartford Wolf Pack took an 11 AM game from the Sound Tigers in a laugher, 7-2.

Five Wolf Pack players had multiple-point games in this one, including Alex Bourret (2g, 1a), Lauri Korpikoski (1g, 2a), and Francis Lessard (1g, 1a). Korpikoski banked one in off Wade Dubielwicz's skate from behind the net to start off the Wolf Pack scoring, 2:03 into the contest, and Korpikoski also had a beautiful set-up on one of Bourret's goals later in the game. Lessard, the Pack's enforcer, had a nice rush in the first period to set up a goal by Greg Moore, and it was Lessard's wrist shot that went past Dubielewicz shoulder high late in the second period that gave final proof that it wasn't the Bridgeport goalie's day.

The Sound Tigers' Dubielewicz and Jeff Tambellini had just played a game for the Islanders in New York the night before, and while Thumbellina bounced back for this morning's game and was his usual pesky self, scoring both of Bridgeport's goals, Dubielewicz gave up 6 goals on 24 shots and was pulled after the second period.

Hartford's starting goaltender, Al Montoya, was replaced by Chris Holt at the start of the third period also, though the guess is that Montoya was being given a rest, with the game already well in hand.

With all of the player movement that the Sound Tigers had just gone through, a number of their players didn't show up on the pronounciation sheet that gets handed out before each game. It was either that, or perhaps an early-morning hangover, that caused Wolf Pack PA announcer Don Steele to totally butcher some of the Bridgeport player's names throughout the game, most noteably Sergei Ogorodnikov's. I guess Don's lucky that the Sound Tigers scratched Dustin VanBallegooie, or there might've been some serious trouble.

I'm just saying, things could've been ugly, that's all.


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

The only thing I see when I look at that name is "Boogie".

3/29/07, 4:06 PM

Blogger Moses Lawn said...


3/29/07, 7:14 PM

Anonymous Elliot Offen said...

And a Baba-booey to you all RIIIGT

3/29/07, 7:35 PM

Anonymous darrel waltrip said...

Boogedy boogedy boogedy!

3/29/07, 10:03 PM


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