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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Did You Find Your Shit?

Hannu Toivonen: No more elfin magic (Chris Rutsch photo)

In a game that I neither went to nor listed to on the radio (so don't ask me any questions), the Hartford Wolf Pack defeated the Providence Bruins yesterday in Providence, 5-2, to go up 2-games-to-1 in their opening round playoff series.

Alex Bourret notched three assists-- setting up Bryce Lampman twice and Jarkko Immonen once-- and by Bruce Berlet's account, Bourret's first couple of set-ups were pretty great. Bourret, who was acquired in the trade that sent Pascal Dupuis to Atlanta, is quickly becoming a major force on this team, not only with his exceptional scoring and passing ability (9 points in the first three games of this series already) but with his fearless checking as well.

Jessiman vs. Zinger (Chris Rutsch photo)

Hugh Jessiman continues to fight his way out of a paper bag (the really, really small paper bag that holds all of his points for the season), tangling with Providence's Dwayne Zinger midway through the second period. The game's other fight featured Dane Byers battling Sean Curry, a mere 1:34 into the first period-- Curry being the player who used the butt-end of his stick to clothesline Byers in Game One.

Yes, occasionally I'll explain where these dumb post titles come from:

Sonic Youth, "Providence" (click on link to play)


Anonymous Jessiman's Jersey said...

How dare you comment on my point's i am ripping up the playoffs.

4/22/07, 10:11 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Jessiman's halfway towards becoming a tenth of the player Jamie Lundmark was, I'll give him credit for that.

4/22/07, 10:17 PM

Anonymous A Pack Fan said...

Why so much hate for Jessiman?

4/24/07, 6:45 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

A) Just having fun.

B) The first commenter owns a game-worn Jessiman jersey, hence the running joke.

C) For a highly-touted first rounder, Jessiman really hasn't shown much.

D) Like my parents always told me, if you don't have anything nice to say, speak up.

4/24/07, 7:12 PM

Anonymous a pack fan said...

Lundmark is a pussy...always starting something he can't finish.

4/25/07, 4:09 PM

Anonymous quint said...

Lundmark kicked Ryan Bayda's Ass.
Nver forget that.

DSL is that you?

4/26/07, 1:35 AM


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