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Monday, April 30, 2007

Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone

Alone Again Al (John Woike/Hartford Courant)

So, the Wolf Pack capped off their 10th season by doing what no other AHL team has done in over a decade-- blowing a seven-game series by losing games six and seven at home (Jim Schoenfeld: "Each of them deserved a better fate, but that's sport. Kids are going to make mistakes").

So, Al Montoya basically took a big dump on the ice in Game Seven, and gave his team an early start on the off-season (Al Montoya: "The team worked their tails off, and I just wasn't there to make the saves for them. I have to sit with that all summer, knowing I let them down like that").

Putting how it ended aside, here are some of the more interesting moments from this past season:

Francis Lessard's two-handed salute
Water bottle gets thrown at Dale Purinton's head
Jarkko Immonen's hat trick
Dane Byers' hat trick and a ton of fights against Manchester
Lessard for MVP
Al Montoya's fight against Norfolk
Ryan Callahan's All-Star GWG (plus)
Callahan: "The Goal"

Now I'm Feeling Zombified (Chris Rutsch photo)

Rob Zombie shows up
Jed Ortmeyer shows who's boss
Callahan: "The Deke"
The 9-3 win over San Antonio
Darius Kasparaitis decks Tim Brent in debut
Opening night

Not to mention Greg Moore's "own goal" during a delayed penalty call against Bridgeport, or Steve Valiquette throwing up in the crease during a game, or "Rob Murray Night" in Springfield, or Joe Rullier's return (with effusive heckling and accompanying banners), or Bryce Lampman's two-goal game in Worcester with the Sharks fan in front of us who clapped at everything, or Al Montoya's other "fight" in Portland... it was quite a season.


Anonymous tapeleg said...

Even though I don't live in Hartford, for some reason, it feels weird not to see any Wolfpack games. I had a great time going to playoff games last year. Maybe I'm just missing seeing minor league games this year (one this season compared to around 40 in the last), but the Worlfpack hold some good memories for me.

Too bad about Montoya imploding. Last season, he wasn't really able to prove himself in the playoffs, with Holt having to step in for the injured Al.

There's always next season.

So, now what? What are you going to do for your hockey fix? Go to other AHL games? Will you darken the door of the Dunkin Donuts center? Limit yourself to the Playoffs on TV? Make it to MSG while you can?

5/1/07, 1:31 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'll probably just watch the Rangers on TV. I don't feel like rooting for either Manchester or Providence, and none of the other five AHL teams who're a closer driving distance are still in it.

Wouldn't mind going to a Devils or Rangers playoff game while there's still a chance, though the way the ticket prices go way up during the playoffs makes it a tougher swing.

5/1/07, 9:27 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I'm sure we'll watch the NHL on TV and segue into minor league baseball games for the summer. Hell, we can always root against the Fisher Cats and the Seadogs if we want to get our fix of Portland / Manchester teams.

5/1/07, 11:32 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Whenever the Pack exit the playoffs, I find myself figuring out a radius of the teams that are still in it and how far a drive away they are.

Sometimes it works out, amd there are a few choices available to go see. Sometimes it doesn't, and every AHL, UHL, and NHL team within 200 - 300 miles is eliminated.

It makes you realize how lucky you are to have your local teams still in it.

5/1/07, 9:28 PM

Anonymous tapeleg said...

Too bad the UHL is going to be no longer in your area. Looks like the Jackels are going ECHL next season. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

There are times I wish there were a minor league team in Denver, just to have an interesting and cheap alternative to the Avs nearby. The closest minor team is near Boulder, CO, and while not far away, it sure could be closer.

5/2/07, 11:52 PM


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