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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here's to The Ilanders

Joe Pelletier put up a post earlier today, on his Legends of Hockey blog, pointing out some of the infamous engraving mistakes that have occurred with the Stanley Cup over the years.

The one that I think is the funniest involves former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington, who had his father's name, Basil Pocklington, engraved on the Cup after the Oilers won in '84. Now, it's policy that only the people actually involved with the team get their names on the Cup-- not the players' girlfriends, or the owner's wife, or dad, even-- so the NHL had Basil's name X'ed out:

You're X'ed

Here's the funny part: about ten years later, the bottom ring of the Cup broke, and had to be replaced. The engraver made a new ring, leaving Basil "Mr. X" Pocklington off completely, but listing the '81 New York Islanders as "Ilanders". When the NHL ordered the ring to be touched up, the engraver this time re-created the Basil Pocklington episode (for historical accuracy, I guess-- adding the name to the Cup all over again, then stamping X's over it), but somehow still left "Ilanders" intact.

There have been 12 engraving mistakes involving the Stanley Cup; visit Joe's blog to read about the rest of them.

Yet, there's no mention of when the dastardly Carolina Hurricanes broke the Stanley Cup last year... a secret closely guarded by the NHL to protect their "Southern Embarassment", apparently.