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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shooting Fishsticks In a Barrel

Check of The Year: Alex Bourret laying out Gregg Johnson (Photo: Rich Stieglitz)

I'm sure it sounds stupid of me for admitting this, but the Wolf Pack have been beating up the Sound Tigers so easily lately (16-4 against Bridgeport over the past two seasons) that my mind wandered a lot during Hartford's 3-0 win over Bridgeport last night. That, plus it being the last regular season Wolf Pack game out of some fifty-odd hockey games that I've been to season meant that I really wasn't paying attention all that much.

So, I missed the part during Dale Purinton's fight with Ken Magowan in the second period, when a player on the Bridgeport bench threw a water bottle at Purinton's head (the Sound Tigers were given a bench minor for throwing the water bottle; Purinton was given a game misconduct for throwing it back at them). And, I missed seeing Bridgeport's Drew Fata skating around with a part of one of the dasher board advertising signs stuck to his ass.

Dale Purinton taking down Magowan (Chris Rutsch photo)

But, yeah, other than that, Al Montoya got his sixth shutout of the season, and Hartford's win officially knocked Bridgeport (and their mealy-mouthed, disgusting fans) out of the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Wolf Pack have one more regular-season game in Portland on Sunday, and then start the playoffs with two home games on Wednesday and Friday, most likely against either Worcester or Providence.