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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Some weird-looking building in St. Louis

Greg of Post-Pessimist Association's recent ruminations on idle ways to kill time on the Internet got me to thinkin' about one of my own favorite Internet pastimes as of late: zooming in on ballparks, hockey arenas, old punk rock clubs, streets where I used to live, etc. using the satellite images on Mapquest.

Just type in any place or location into Mapquest (or any of the other sites, like Google Maps, that support satellite imagery), click the part of the map where it says "aerial image", and then you can zoom around, looking at all kinds of neat shit.

Yale Field in New Haven, where the New Haven Ravens used to play. The Ravens built a picnic area on top of the warning track in right field (white arrow), making a "short porch" that allowed cheap 290-foot home runs.

The Ballpark at Harbor Yard (Bridgeport Bluefish), with the "Corruption Dome"-- the Arena at Harbor Yard (Bridgeport Sound Tigers)-- just north of it. Beyond the fence in right field are the Amtrak train tracks; the trains roll by every few minutes, looking as if they're floating right above the fence.

The par-three 9th hole at Yale Golf Course. The green (which looks like a shoe print in this photo) is huge, but the tee shot is over water, and the green has a five-foot gully through the middle of it! Miss your shot on the wrong side of the gully and you're screwed.

HSBC Arena (Buffalo Sabres). When you zoom in on the arena, though...

...the roof mysteriously disappears.

Here are a few other places to check out (note that cityscapes tend to look a lot crisper than country settings):

New Britain Stadium, New Britain Rock Cats-- with the old stadium that it replaced, Beehive Field, just to the left of it
Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs
Tiger Stadium in Detroit, now abandoned
Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota Wild
RBC Center, Carolina Hurricanes
Commerce Bank Park, Harrisburg Senators-- the ballpark was built on a tiny island in the middle of the Susquehanna River
HP Pavilion, San Jose Sharks
25 Perry Ave, Stamford Ct.-- warehouse that used to be the second location of the semi-famous Anthrax punk rock club (I'm still working on finding the first)
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit Red Wings
Municipal Stadium, Waterbury Ct.-- the first minor-league stadium I ever went to. It used to be a horse track, which is why the stands are on only one side of the field
Madison Square Garden, New York Rangers
Wahcona Park, Pittsfield Ma. and Sam Lynn Ballpark, Bakersfield Ca.-- two minor-league baseball stadiums that were built facing the wrong way, so that the setting sun gets in the batter's eyes, causing "sun delays"
Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers
America Airlines Arena, Dallas Stars


Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

Those are pretty cool, especially the Harrisburg ballpark. I just did it myself and found out that none of the places I've lived merited close-in satellite photography -- kind of humbling.

5/18/07, 9:33 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

It just so happens that the Harrisburg Senators were bought this week for $13 million. Their rent on that ballpark in the middle of the island is over $370,000 per year.

I know that's not very interesting, but I just figured I'd mention it.

5/18/07, 10:43 AM

Anonymous Pat S said...

I am not sure who you are or if we knew each other 20 something years ago at the Sheridan's Cafe Anthrax (and Gallery), but I was poking around looking for old photos of the Anthrax and the Beat in Port Chester and stumbled across your site. The original Anthrax was on Main St. in Stamford just barely NE of where Clinton Ave. ended. It has long since burned down and has been replaced with a new building. There is a Myspace page for it, as well as one for the Beat that I moderate.


5/6/08, 1:57 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yeah, I know of the Anthrax Club MySpace page (though it doesn't list a street address for the old Stamford location-- some cool photos of the inside of the club, though).

I know of the Beat, too-- I went there I couple of times. I have back issues of my old punk zine laying around, with band photos that were taken in all 3 places (old Anthrax, new Anthrax, and The Beat).

5/6/08, 2:23 PM


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