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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coincidences In Rock


The other day-- by accident, I swear-- I was checking out the web site of an Austin, TX band called Peel, and the intro to one of their retro slacker-pop type songs reminded me a lot of Saturnine, a Brooklyn band from ages ago. So I dug out one of my 12-year-old Saturnine records, and sure enough, it's pretty much the exact same intro.

Listen for yourself:

Saturnine, "This Time, the Best" (1995)
Peel, "Sliding Doors" (2006)

You can also check out I Guess I'm Floating, where they've made a whole post of songs that sound like other songs.

Embrace (

Saturnine also make the list (on the good side) of "Bands Who Are Apparently Too Dumb To Realize There Already Was an Indie/Punk Band With The Same Name":

Saturnine vs. The Saturnine
Embrace vs. Embrace
The Fuck-Ups vs. The F-Ups
Nevertheless vs. Nevertheless
Fit For Abuse vs. Fit For Abuse
Heart Attack vs. The Heart Attacks

These aren't the only examples, I'm sure, just the ones I can remember right now.


Anonymous wade blogs said...

Don't forget Gene Simmons trying to name his son Nick's band, "Chrome".

5/5/07, 11:03 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

The Ghost Sonata vs. The Ghost Sonata

6/2/07, 8:43 AM


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