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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hershey's Kip Brennan fights fan from penalty box

All of the links in this post were found on the Manchester Monarchs forum at AHL Boards. The above photo was taken by a forum member, 5 for Fighting.

From today's Lebanon (Pa.) Daily News:

Last night’s game between the Hershey Bears and the Manchester Monarchs took an ugly turn with time running out in the third period.

The Bears had things well in hand with their 4-1 lead when, with 19.8 seconds remaining, an altercation between a Manchester fan and Hershey’s Kip Brennan broke out.

Brennan was in the penalty box serving the final seconds of a fighting major when the Manchester fan attempted to throw a punch at Brennan through a space in the glass at the side of the penalty box. Brennan responded, finally reaching through and tearing the T-shirt the fan was wearing.

While security officials were rushing to grab the fan, the linesmen stepped into the box to restrain Brennan. Brennan was assessed a gross misconduct penalty before leaving the ice.

AHL President Dave Andrews and vice president of hockey operations Jim Mill were present at the game and met with Hershey president and general manager Doug Yingst and Boudreau following the game. Yingst, Andrews and Mill also accompanied Brennan to a security office following the game to meet with police.

Here's a link to some video-- a sports report from WHTM ABC-27 in Harrisburg. After going to the link, you'll have to click on "Watch the eVideo". Presuming that the link hasn't gone bad, the fight is shown at the very end.

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Blogger All Blog Spots said...

great blog, keep the good work going :)

5/25/07, 6:16 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Instead of ripping his t-shirt, Kip should've ripped off his do-rag. That would really have pissed him off. What a fucking tool that guy is.

5/25/07, 9:33 AM

Anonymous laurie said...

They actually showed the video on the 11pm local news on NBC here in the NY area last night. Brian Leetch's retirement got a sentence, not even so much as a photo, nevermind video, but they showed this.

5/25/07, 10:28 AM

Anonymous cc2k said...

And to think, they're not even allowed to say "suck"...

5/25/07, 5:09 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Me, I was suprised to learn that Larry the Cable Guy is a Monarchs fan.

5/25/07, 6:55 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

The polish is off the turd in Manchcester!
The Manchester faithfull finally show their true colors that they are not the class of the AHL but the true tools of the AHL.
Some of them over on the highjacked website they post on think Brennan is wrong (but they loved him when he played there)
what a bunch of assholes....i can't wait to rub their faces in the fact the coach they wanted to run out of town a few seasons ago, is kicking the shit out of them in the playoffs and has already guided Hershey to a cup since being there.
I bet they never thought it might be that their all just a bunch of LOSERS.

5/26/07, 12:50 AM

Anonymous whistler's mother said...

That loud 'thud' you just heard was 5000 Monarchs fans falling off their high horse .

5/31/07, 8:36 PM


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