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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In The Daytime, I'm Mr. Natural

If you're a granola-crunching, tree-hugging dirt worshipper, meet what could be your new favorite baseball team: the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, the soon-to-be Double-A Texas League affiliate (née the Wichita Wranglers) of the Kansas City Royals (link via the ever-lovin' Ballpark Digest).

Representatives of the team, which will play in Springdale, Arkansas starting in 2008, say, "The team’s logo is designed around a theme of natural waterfalls in the area." Sounds like cowpies to me.

As bad as the name "Naturals" is, I guess I can be thankful that some other similar-but-different alternatives weren't considered-- like the "Au Naturels", or the "Natural Lights", for instance.

"Gimme a Natch'al Light, Mac, and
step on it!"

Meanwhile, the Springdale, Ark., mayor's name is Jerre Van Hoose, but (thankfully for the rest of you) I'm going to leave that one alone for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arkansas' nickname is The Natural State. A number of names--all submitted by the public--were put to a public vote, and the Naturals won. Hilarious, though, your not-all-obvious-whatsoever joke about the beer. Really. That's some top-notch humor you've displayed there.

5/30/07, 11:43 PM

Anonymous Stephen said...

Have you seen some of the other logos in the Texas League? Say whatever you will about the elements of the design; the quality of the work certainly stands above the other seven logos in the league.

5/30/07, 11:46 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Since I was foolish enough to cause a ruckus with the State of Arkansas, I'll do the best I can to respond.

First, I'm sorry my little visual joke wasn't up to "anonymous"'s lofty standards. When I look at the Naturals logo and the Natural Light ads side-by-side, I still laugh out loud. I guess it's just me.

To the second commentor-- actually, I'm very familiar with the logos of Minor League Baseball. Not that I should expect anyone to look around this site much past the first post or so before leaving, but if anyone does, they'll see that minor league logos and minor league uniforms are discussed quite often here.

But, I don't think I was targeting the logo design as much as the team name, which I still think is kinda lame. We named our team after some water and some rocks-- big deal.

At least I didn't try making some sort of Kentucky Waterfalls reference-- can everyone at least give me credit for that one?

5/31/07, 2:05 PM

Anonymous Jerre Van Hoose said...


5/31/07, 3:59 PM

Anonymous william jefferson clinton said...

I like my Arkansas women like I like my Arkansas outdoors- big, natural and in my rearview mirror.

5/31/07, 8:40 PM

Anonymous Return of Quint said...

somehow a baseball team with the name "Naturals" has to incorporate a picture of Robert Redford into the logo. Well, it makes sense to me eventhough I think Robert Redford is an @ss.

Hey that would be a logo!

6/1/07, 10:16 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

"The Natural" is one of my favorite movies, naturally.

First there was a book by that name, too, but compared to movies books are mostly words, which means more work.

6/1/07, 10:26 PM

Anonymous The Shark said...

Hey Quint you better not let Paul Newman here you call Redford an @ss, he might make dissapear up a the hole in the wall gang ranch in Ashford.

6/2/07, 6:41 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Is this Paul Newman from Arkansas?

I hear people from Arkansas are pretty tough.

6/2/07, 8:02 AM

Anonymous random woodrow said...

I thought Arkansas was the "State Police Will Help You Get A Blowjob" state.

6/5/07, 2:29 PM


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