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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ziggy Palffy Returns

Ziggy Palffy, retired now from the NHL for a season-and-a-half, is returning to the ice in his native Slovakia, according to a report that was posted earlier today on Sport Express and

The report says that the 35-year-old Palffy, no longer bothered by the injuries that caused him to retire back in January of 2006, is preparing to play for the Slovakian club Skalica for the upcoming regular season, with the hopes of playing for the Slovak national team at the '08 World Championships.

In the article, Palffy is quoted as saying, "I was going crazy from boredom without hockey. When I returned to the ice for the first time, I was excited. If all goes well this season, look for me in Canada at the World Championships."


Blogger Brushback said...

Some extra info--

This morning posted the Palffy story, with the quote from Palffy worded slightly differently (but still basically the same), and again a reference to a Slovak site, Sport.

I couldn't find the story on the "" site, though.

5/27/07, 10:43 AM


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