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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alexander Svitov would go back to Russia

Alexander Svitov (#15) with Avangard

Columbus Blue Jackets free-agent forward Alexander Svitov, who played in the Russian Super League for Avangard Omsk in '05-'06 before signing a one-year deal with Columbus last year, tells that a return to Russia is not out of the question:

"I do have some desire to play in Russia, though it's not something that I'm planning for at the moment. No teams from the Super League have offered a specific proposal yet, and we have not been in contact with the management of Avangard about this. My agent is not yet finished negotiating with Columbus. I'm not against the thought of playing for Avangard, though."

As an added bonus, here's a video from my YouTube account (the original file of which I'd linked to last year) of the 6'-4", 220-lb. Svitov getting leg-whipped in a game for Avangard a year-and-a-half ago:

Of such things fond memories are made, I guess.

UPDATE 8/17/07 -Avangard announced today that they have signed Svitov to a three-year deal.