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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Evil In League With Satan

Nasty Disaster

In a continuous effort to shed some light on big, dumb metal bands that are also ridiculously funny, I bring you what might be the biggest, dumbest metal band of all (certainly "The World's Heaviest Metal Band", as they refer to themselves on their own web site)-- East Haven, Connecticut's own Nasty Disaster.

With band member names like Ian McRok, Ron Zombie, and Nikki Stixxx, and with song titles like "Heavy Metal Rules The World" and "Play Some Fucking Metal" (off their Screaming For Metal Like a Bat Out of Hell LP), you'd pretty much figure Nasty Disaster to be nothing more than a local joke band (well-- that, plus there's the wigs, too). However, they're legit enough to be listed in Encyclopaedia Metallum, the Metal Bible Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia, and they're also included on the 13 Bands Who Think You're Gay compilation alongside legendary underground acts like EYEHATEGOD, Anal C*nt, Thor, the almighty Seige, and the near-mythical Kilslug. I mean, that's a major-league
track record right there, or at least enough to put Sioux Savage to shame.

Anyway, just for you, here's a sound file of "Filthy Drunken Metal Bastards" (lyrics: "I drink alone or with my band/Bitches love the sting of my backhand"). I don't know if Nasty Disaster would cop to listening to The Mentors all that much, but after reading the lyrics to songs like Sluts of Metal and Satan Is Cuming, it sure does seem like it.

Nasty Disaster, "Filthy Drunken Metal Bastards"

Here's Nasty Disaster live at the Continental Club in New York City, rockin' their classic anthem, "Play Some Fucking Metal":

For anyone who wants to check out the Nasty Disaster show up close and personal (which I have yet to do, unfortunately), they'll be playing at Cafe Nine in a couple of weeks (6/26), and also somewhere in Wallingford in mid-July.

Some last bits of wisdom, from "We Live For Heavy Metal":

We like our metal heavy
More steel than a fuckin’ Chevy
We don’t rock for those who pose
We wear leather not pantyhose

Glam fags better run fast
We’re coming to kick your fuckin’ ass
Spinal Tap thought 11 was plenty
Fuck them, we play on 20

Words to live by, you bet.

(Herman VonRohl photo from


Anonymous vince neil has death appeal said...

The posing and "devi's horns" in that video is awesome!

6/9/07, 9:32 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I thought I recognized Al Quint in one of the photos.

Nah, couldn't be him.

6/10/07, 8:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This fukkin rules man. Thanks for posting it. I'm always on the lookout for metal like this.

6/18/07, 2:06 PM

Blogger Suburban Voice On-Line said...

for the record, that is NOT ME in the photo... for one thing, I'm not that fat anymore. How did I find this? Through a complete act of egomania--a Google search of my name so I can find out who's talkin' shit out there :-)

3/11/08, 2:26 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Sorry, Al-- the Iron Maiden t-shirt threw me off.

3/11/08, 4:19 PM


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