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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Failure To Thrive

Fedor Fedorov hobbles off

Everyones's favorite ex-Hartford Wolf Pack/New York Rangers forward, Fedor Fedorov, has made his way back from his Swedish hiatus and is returning to the Russian Super League to play for Dynamo Moscow this season, in a transaction that I inexplicably overlooked from about a month ago.

Still having a keen eye for these things on occasion, I did notice a couple of weeks ago that Dynamo posted a nice birthday greeting on their web site, to mark Fedor's 26th birthday on June 11th. Cute (or pretty fey, actually), but I didn't take it as meaning that he'd actually signed with Dynamo or anything.

Then, only today, I saw that Fedorov is now listed on Dynamo's roster page. Alerted, I quickly tracked down the lone Russian article (on that had the barest of mentions of Fedor's return to Moscow (and a pretty neat picture of Alexei Cherepanov, to boot-- thanks!), as well as the month-old listing on that I had failed to notice the first time through:

In any case, Fedorov enjoyed a moderate amount of success while in Sweden, posting 20 points (6g, 14a) in 18 games-- as well as a combined +5 and 106 penalty minutes-- for Malmö between the regular season and the HockeyAllsvenskan (Sweden's post-season relegation tournament). This is according to Fedor's player profile on, one of the only profile pages I've seen that actually has a sponsor--

I probably should've had Sidearm Delivery sponsor his page when I still had the chance, but, you know, ten bucks is ten bucks.


Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

I've been meaning to sponsor the Tomas Kloucek profile -- I guess I better get to it before someone snaps up that hot property.

6/28/07, 8:08 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yeah, you never know-- some online gambling site might slap their link on there, and it would be much cooler if it was PPA instead.

6/28/07, 11:13 AM

Anonymous you know who said...

Well there goes Vitali's GA average with the non defense Fedor will be playing...My god is dynamo that desprate for players?

6/30/07, 2:19 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Fedor not good on defense?!? You forget the old saying that you can't spell "Defendor" without "Fedor", and.. ah, never mind.

6/30/07, 9:42 PM


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