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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lampman to Finland

Bryce Lampman (Heather Rutsch photo)

Hartford Wolf Pack defenseman Bryce Lampman (amerikkalaispuolustaja Bryce Lampmanin) has signed with TPS (HC TPS Turku Oy) of the Finnish league (SM-Liiga), as reported by both the TPS web site and the league web site.

Lampman's Wiki page has already been updated with the news, including a quote from TPS's head coach Hannu Virta extolling Lampman as a "great asset for the team, well-rounded player who has been the powerplay motor for the Hartford Wolf Pack's." There's no mention of what the guys in the "Bryce Is Right" t-shirts think about this, however.

Lampman had been with the Wolf Pack for the past four seasons, appearing in ten NHL games with the New York Rangers during that span. In 60 games in Hartford last season, Lampman registered 25 points (6g, 19a) and 62 penalty minutes.

Also, the Wolf Pack have apparently signed goalie Miika Wiikman. Also, the Wolf Pack have apparently signed goalie Miika Wiikman.

Much thanks to the good folks over at AHL Boards for keeping most of this straight.


Anonymous quint said...

I heard on the radio that Bob Barker was finishing up his 80 year run with the "Price is Right" today, or yeaterday. It is probably fitting that the Price is Right and the Bryce is Right "finish" on the same day.

6/6/07, 3:36 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Who's better on D: an 80-year-old Bob Barker, or a 24-year-old Bryce Lampman?

6/6/07, 7:58 PM

Anonymous Happy Gilmore said...

Since I had my ass handed to me by Bob I would have to go with Bob Barker on this one.

6/6/07, 9:08 PM

Anonymous secret asian man said...

"The price is WRONG, bitch!"

6/6/07, 10:06 PM

Anonymous secret haitian man said...

Miika Wiikman's nick name should be "4 eyes".

6/7/07, 7:29 PM

Anonymous a pack fan said...

From Bob Crawford's press release Q&A this week...

"Craig Weller, however, did state for public consumption that he is looking at heading over to Europe for next season, so it looks like the team will have a new captain, which would be just its third in its history."

Are these guys going to Europe to make more money or does the level of competition there give them a better chance of making it in the NHL?

6/7/07, 7:38 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

It's a money issue.

A 19- or 20-year old European prospect can get their seasoning just as well at home in Sweden or Russia, but the AHL is still the closest route to the NHL, in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure, though, when you see "older" (24 and up, let's say) AHL vets opting for overseas, it's because they've about given up on the NHL, and they know they can make a lot more money over what's left of their careers (for that family, house, retirement, etc) if they play a few years overseas than from playing in North America.

6/7/07, 8:24 PM

Anonymous gayrilla biscuits said...

"Four-Eyes"! That's a riot.

6/8/07, 2:42 PM

Anonymous secret haitian man said...

Thanks but that's "riiot"

6/8/07, 9:02 PM

Anonymous random woodrow said...

Or, more precisely, "Thäät's ä riiöt".

6/8/07, 9:32 PM

Anonymous secret finish man said...

Showing off your umlaut's? Not cool!

6/8/07, 10:25 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I wonder if Miika Wiikman is on Wiikiipediia.

6/8/07, 10:29 PM

Blogger Moses Lawn said...

Wii would like to play!

6/9/07, 1:46 PM

Anonymous Quint said...

Don't put those "Byrce is Right" shirts away, just yet.

Rangers signed him on Monday, the 18th.

6/21/07, 9:35 AM


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