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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sparrin' With The Varmint


When I took a flier and bought the then-unknown-to-me Freemasonry's "Kitty Come Home"/"Acacia" single back in 1995, it was mostly because it was under 2 bucks, and it had Howie Gano's name on the back of it (Louisville studio engineer who had worked with Slint, Squirrel Bait, Bastro, and Bitch Magnet, among others). It turned out to be well worth the two dollars; Freemasonry not only had similarities to stuff like Jawbox and Drive Like Jehu, but also harkened back to a lot of the 80's Homestead/Touch and Go-type action that I dearly loved, like Phantom Tollbooth and Scratch Acid.

I liked the single so much that I called the record label's phone number that was listed on the back, to see if I could set up an interview or something. It turned out that there wasn't much going on in that department, but the band had just put a brand new CD out, "Sparrin' With The Varmint", which the label was decent enough to send to me.

It wasn't long afterwards that most of the Freemasonry guys went on to form Galanas:Cerdd and shed themselves from Freemasonry entirely, to the point of giving away the CD for free at shows (which, I figure, explains all of the copies that you can buy for pennies each on Amazon).

Regardless, I still think the CD is pretty good, which you can judge for yourself from the tracks that I've posted here. If anyone's feeling industrious and wants to download every song, they seem to be available on this funny-looking page over here.

In addition, someone very recently set up a MySpace page for Freemasonry, and there's a page for the semi-regarded Fiddlehead (which was Bruce Bohannon's band prior to Freemasonry), also.

Lick Clean Method (listen)
Sensible (listen)
Kitty Come Home (listen)
Every Day
When The Dope's Around
Templar Fightin' Monk (listen)
Mystical Union
If It Isn't One Thing
Alive With Pleasure
Mrs. E. Coli
Einahpets (listen)
De Molay

(Generic Sports Blog Disclaimer, for G12: Rock, it's what we're all about, it's what we live for, come on shout it out)

Songs have reverted to listen-only files


Blogger chnkltgy said...

Fiddlehead were a great damned band for Atlanta in the mid-90's. Now they'd be considered a fucking buggy whip. G::C were not nearly as frenetic, but yeah, Freemasonry? Pretty okay in my book....

1/16/08, 12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thnx for posting these. the label went bankrupt and destroyed all remaining copies of sparrin with the varmint. members went on to Haricot Vert, Chocolate Kiss, Copa Vance (all on Moodswing Records) and presently The Forever War. three fourths of Freemasonry experienced serious bouts with drug use: one is dead, one is unaccounted for and the last fled to isolation far from atlanta.

most would be surprised to know that those songs were born of it consistently heavy drug cocktails at practice and during shows.

and sparrin with the varmint is a pretty poor representation of the band vs other unreleased recordings. it presents a pretty sterile and inconsistent album. you are your worst critic.

3/2/08, 2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know who anonymous is but just to let everyone know my brother marcus womack died from complications of diabetes.he is truly missed thank you for the postings of freemasonry music i enjoy listining to them

11/23/08, 10:16 AM


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