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Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Suit Is Black Not

Wichita Thunder (CHL) '06-'07 "Metal Blade" warmup jersey

From the "Garth, I was not aware of that" Dept.: Metal Blade Records is Central Hockey League sponsor, and the Wichita Thunder wear special "Metal Blade" jerseys during warm-ups (that's one pictured above, obviously).

Here are a few more goofy-looking hockey jerseys, some of which I found on my own, others that I found through forums that linked back to me along the way, like

Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL) alternate jersey

A few Amarillo Gorillas (CHL) jerseys from last season-- these photos are all by Jim Peak Photography:

Another one from the CHL:

Corpus Christi Rayz (CHL) '06 "Harley Davidson" jersey

And, an old NHL one, from the California Golden Seals-- this guy is mackin':

I've got one more, from the same guy who took the photo of the infamous Quad City Mallards Sherriff jersey. Since his web site has a big disclaimer on it, I'm just going to link to the photo here, but trust me-- it's worth seeing:

Quad City Mallards "Pirate" jersey

If the link ever goes bad, you can also see the jersey here.