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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tyler Moss Asked To Become a Russian

Tyler Moss in net for Amur Tigers

Veteran AHL/NHL goaltender Tyler Moss, who has spent the past two seasons playing in Russia (first with Spartak Moscow and now Amur Tigers Khabarovsk), is about to apply for Russian citizenship, according to a story posted today by

The details of the situation seem rather complicated, if not bizzare. It appears that the team has asked the Ottawa, Ontario-born goaltender to first obtain Russian citizenship (through the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs and the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs), after which only then will the team offer him a new three-year deal.

Amur Tigers apparently hopes to use Tyler Moss as a test case, in an attempt to challenge the Russian Super League's tax on foreign goaltenders. The tax was put in place with the intent of strengthening the Russian national team, by encouraging RSL teams to develop home-grown goalies. The penalty that Amur Tigers hopes to avoid would amount to about $300,000.

Even though Moss apparently meets some of the lesser of the requirements involved to obtain citizenship (which include, but are not limited to, having a legal means of support financially; refusal of any other citizenships; mastery of the Russian language; and then requirements that Moss definitely does not meet, such as having been born, or having parents who were born, or lived in the former Soviet Union; marriage to a Russian citizen; obtaining a higher-education degree in Russia), the decision to grant citizenship could take up to 6 months, with another one-year waiting period after that.

Less than two weeks ago, Amur Tigers already added U.S.-born goaltender Alex Westlund to their roster.