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Friday, July 13, 2007

AC/DC - Shot Down In Flames

Fuck that weak hippie shit. For my money, AC/DC invented ROCK.


Anonymous eddie trunk's colostomy bag said...

Ike Turner?

7/13/07, 6:48 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

That's Rock.


(Besides, Ike Turner's a hippie, too-- giving girls flowers and shit. Jeez!)

7/13/07, 6:54 PM

Anonymous quint said...

ac/dc is too mainstream to care about

7/13/07, 8:16 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

NFAA invented ROCK.

7/13/07, 11:26 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

Good stuff even if Bon stole his moves from Robert Plant.

By the way Chuck Berry invented rock

7/14/07, 12:38 AM

Anonymous alanah said...

The statement "Fuck that weak hippie shit. For my money, AC/DC invented ROCK" might as well be in the gospels. The fact that ANYONE is arguing with the substance of this post undermines my faith in humanity.

But Brushback, don't underestimate flowers. Most girls aren't seduced all that easily to the likes of AC/DC. Just ask our friend gsdgsd... I'm quite certain he's tried everything. :-)

7/15/07, 10:27 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Greg's got the Kloucek jersey collection. What's more romantic than that?

7/16/07, 3:42 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

Kloucek on the wall and AC/DC on the stereo -- if there's a girl who can resist that combo, I haven't met her yet.

7/16/07, 6:49 PM

Anonymous quint said...

I have a re-painted Kloucek figurine.

7/16/07, 9:45 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I have a Jamie Lundmark-signed souvenir Zamboni that I'm thinking of re-painting to look like the Danbury Trashers' old garbage-truck Zamboni.

7/16/07, 10:13 PM


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