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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Anisimov: I would play for farm club

Artem Anisimov (#12) skating in on Avangard goalie Alexander Fomichev

Artem Anisomov, who impressed Ken Gernander at the Rangers prospect camp a week ago ("Anisimov definitely has a nose for the net. With his skills, handwise and puckwise, he was a legitimate first round pick last year"), has signed a three-year, entry-level deal with the Rangers, according to some reports-- a transaction that has yet to be confirmed.

However, the Russian site Чемпионат.ру posted their preview today of this year's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team (the RSL team that Anisimov plays for), and the article includes an encouraging quote from Anisimov.

If and when Anismov does sign a contract with the Rangers, it seems like there'll be no problems with getting Anismov to come over right away:

Part of Anisimov's quote, in Russian

"I've dreamt about the NHL since childhood, and now I will try my hardest to get there. I expect to be able to show myself in the exhibition matches. It's my hope to make at least the third or fourth lines, but if not, I will accept playing for the farm team.

"In the meantime, I will spend the summer training with Lokomotiv, so I'll be able to return here to play if need be."


Blogger Brushback said...


The Rangers announced yesterday that they have signed Anisimov to a three-year, entry-level deal.

8/3/07, 1:54 PM


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