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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Better Fedor Late Than Never

Fedor Fedorov: Thanks to Alexei Yashin, I just saved a bundle on my car insurance

There was actually a bit Fedor Fedorov news that came out of Russia this week, although it was nothing major; just a couple of lines in Sport Express yesterday, explaining that visa problems have been holding Fedorov up, causing him to miss the first couple of days of training camp with Dynamo Moscow.

"Fedor is already in excellent shape and should be able to leave North America for Moscow on Wednesday (the 11th)," assures father Victor Fedorov.

Those seeking more substantial Fedor Fedorov news, despair not; since Fedor played in Sweden last season, I did some checking around on a couple of Swedish sites and found some previously undiscovered (by me, at least) news of some of Fedor's exploits with the Malmo Redhawks.

Mind you, this stuff is in Swedish, so I'm not 100% sure what all of it is about. The only person I even remotely know who is fluent in Swedish is Ingmar, and he seems a bit tied up right now.

First, I found a short little story about Fedor. Again, in Swedish, so I don't know what it contains, though I can figure out that "Superstjärnan Sergei Fedorovs lillebror" probably means "Superstar Sergei Fedorov's little brother", and "bra" probably does not mean "bra".

Uppvisning av Fedorov – skrämde kvalmotståndare

Next, here's a picture of Fedor being mobbed by his teammates (Fedor's wearing #81, all the way to the left), and they all seem happy to see him, so he must've done something good. Maybe he just happened to pass the puck for the first time, who knows.

Last, and this one's the biggie: it seems that Fedor's teammates are mobbing him in the photo above because Fedor just scored an amazing goal in a big post-season game-- I don't know how I missed this one. In any case, I found an article that describes all of Fedor's moves as he puck-hogged stick-handled his way the length of the ice to score the goal (click here to see the article). The article even includes a huge diagram to illustrate just how Fedor pulled it off:

Even better, here's the goal on YouTube:

Федор Федоров правила!!