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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bob Scrotum Loves New Jersey

Since nobody asked, but I'm feeling very helpful today, I'll mention that I just got back from a weekend trip to New Jersey. Some of the highlights of the trip were, as usual--

1) Driving past the big neon Dykes Lumber sign that's visible from the Saw Mill Parkway (I'm sure there's a very reasonable explanation for the name, it's just a funny thing to see at night while you're driving).

2) Visiting the nearby White Castle, where I set a new personal best of nine White Castles in one sitting. Not as if that's a lot, mind you, just that it's a lot for me.

3) Waiting at the light next to "Nu-Wave Kitchens" in Toms River and thinking of Yo La Tengo.

One of the other high points came while I was at the beach, and spotted a plane flying overhead towing one of those infamous "Bob Schroeder Loves New Jersey" banners (which explains the stupid title of this post).

Also, the Gin Blossoms were playing a couple of blocks away from where I was staying on the exact night I got there, but even if I had known about it beforehand, I still wouldn't have gone because I hate crowds. Especially big crowds that are running away from whatever shitty club the Gin Blossoms are playing at.

Anyway, it turns out while I was gone that I was getting bitched out for not keeping the blog up to date, I'll quickly note a few things that I might've covered at the end of the week and over the weekend had I not been away:

Ken Gernander becomes head coach of the Wolf Pack.
This is because Jim Schoenfeld is being moved to the Rangers assistant GM position, though he'll still be the Wolf Pack GM.

Dave Liffiton signs contract with Rangers?
Wolf Pack free-agent defenseman Dave Liffiton is listed on as having a $495,000 contract with the Rangers for 2007-08.

The Minnesota Wild sign Metallurg Magnitogorsk goalie Anton Khudobin.
Khudobin once made 80 saves in a WHL playoff game. This makes two good young goalies that Russia could be losing to North America this year, on the heels of the Capitals signing Semen Varlamov-- who, as Greg of PPA first pointed out to me, is now being referred to as "Simeon" instead of his given name. Does this make Varlamov a "player to be named later"?

Alexandre Giroux moves on. Lawrence Nycholat stays put.
Two former Wolf Pack players, both deserving of an honest shot at cracking an NHL lineup on a regular basis. At least they didn't go to Europe.