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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bobcat Tailgate

Two Cow Garage

Folks who're looking around for the next Replacements can keep on looking, but Columbus, OH's Two Cow Garage could already be the next Buckpets, though I'd be surprised if anyone's looking around for the next Buckpets.

On the other hand, if hoarse-shouted rockers, "heartfelt" ballads, and songs about drinking and "being tired of this town where all the faces look the same" all seem new to you, then you probably haven't already heard any of Two Cow Garage's obvious influences (Uncle Tupelo, early Soul Asylum, "Sticky Fingers" even). If that's the case, then having a condensed/Cliff Notes version of "indie rock" on your way to becoming a jaded motherfucker like the rest of us probably wouldn't be a bad thing, which means Two Cow Garage should be your next favorite band.

Despite any of their material's shortcomings, Two Cow Garage present a kick-ass live show, with bassist Shane Sweeney's between-songs wisecracks and Micah Schnabel's constant thrashing around and guitar-hero poses. On stage, Schnabel's a dead ringer for Dave Pirner, too, if Pirner sang like Bryan Adams, or Ryan Adams, or Jesse Malin, or any of those guys. Heck, I'll even bet that if someone shouted out "Summer of '69", Schnabel would even try to play it, instead of being a dick about it.

From "Please Turn The Gas Back On" (2002)

River (listen)
Found (listen)
Forget You (Try To) (listen)
Youngstown, The City Of (listen)

From "The Wall Against Our Back" (2004)

My Concern (listen)
Make It Out Alive (listen)
Burn In Hell (listen)

From "III" (2007)

Come Back To Shelby (listen)
Epitaph (listen)
Mediocre (listen)
Should've California (listen)

Songs have reverted to listen-only files


Blogger Brushback said...

Postscript: About a week after I wrote this post, TCG's drummer quit in the middle of their tour, forcing the band to play some semi-acoustic sets.

8/7/07, 11:13 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I know this is spam, but someone left a comment (I deleted the original because it had links in it) that I thought was unintentionally pretty funny:

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Not quite like the "brazilian heavy metal bands" spam comment, but still a good effort.

Plus, you have to imagine that there's a "wow buy gold" link insterted into almost every line.

2/14/09, 11:22 AM


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