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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Calvin Griffith Can Kiss My Indiepunk Whiteboy Ass

Someone on YouTube recently put up a ridiculously funny interview with the Replacements from 1984, taken from a low-budget public access-type TV show in Albany, NY, called "Real George's Back Room." I've transcribed some of the funnier parts, though you should also watch the video, which is a complete shambles.

Besides compiling their interviews onto video tapes and selling them through ads in Flipside, "Real George's" also had a crappy newsprint 'zine that you could pick up for free at various places around Albany. I never considered the TV show as being anything more than a joke back then (sorta like a more clueless version of "120 Minutes", yet even harder to watch), and after watching it again now, I'm reminded why.

Bob: Stop this mess-- they're fired, and I quit!
Paul: Dat is all the people need to know!
- -
Paul: If you'll notice, Bob hasn't shaved lately-- he's taken on the "rustler" look (Bob literally had shaved only one side of his face). Prince started it originally. The patch (of hair) on the right side of Bob's face, Sheila E. has on her left side, some.
- -
Interviewer: Minneapolis now seems to be taking the place of Athens and Akron as the big new American music cities...
Paul: You read that too, huh?
Interviewer: No, I made that up.
Paul: Oh, you're the one!
Bob: (pointing at interviewer's face) Can I pop that?
- -
Paul: There's a lot of good bands in Minneapolis-- Husker Du, Suburbs, Soul Asylum, and, um, Tickler... Tickler's real good.
- -
Interviewer: Even before Minneapolis became a big city-- (corrects himself) for music, it's been a big city for quite a while...
Paul: That was when Calvin Griffith moved, huh? (dead silence) Never mind...
- -
Paul: I can't mention any names, I can't remember any.
- -
Bob: I wanna be famous, but I'll enjoy being a star.