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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't Eat That It's Poison

Kurt Bloch, Fastbacks

At one time I made it a point to own just about every Fastbacks record, but oddly enough, their short-burst CD EP, 1993's "Gone To The Moon", is one of the ones that sticks with me the most. The first three songs on this are all killer no filler, so that's what I'm including here.

Gone To The Moon (listen)
Go All The Way (Raspberries cover) (listen)
The Right Thing (listen)

Since three songs isn't much, here's another one of my favorites--

Space Station No. 5 (Montrose cover) (listen)

And, some original Montrose ("I Got The Fire") from 1974, which will seriously kick your ass:

All of which reminds me that I've gotta post some Bad Wizard here sometime soon...

Songs have reverted to listen-only files


Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

Two things I didn't know until this post prompted me to do more research:

1) Sammy Hagar was in Montrose

2) Iron Maiden didn't write "I Got the Fire"

Knowledge is power!

7/8/07, 7:38 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

That makes us even, then, because I didn't know Maiden had covered "I Got The Fire" (and "Space Station No. 5", too, as the b-side to some single) until this week.

The more you know!

7/9/07, 10:18 AM


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