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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dynamo might sign Jeff O'Neill, or somebody

Not something I spent more than a few seconds on, obviously

According to, Moscow Dynamo president Mikhail Golovkov recently had a heated back-and-forth exchange with some Canadian journalists from Radio Canada, who are touring Russia to do some filming for some upcoming Super Series/Winter Olympics broadcasts.

When pestered by the arrogant visiting Canadians (that's a joke, son) about the nearly-unchecked loss of Russian prospects to the NHL, in particular Dynamo's Alexander Ovechkin, Golovkov is said to have responded (in part):

"Furthermore, I know that many NHL players have received generous offers from Super League teams this season. Not all of them have agreed to come over, but the exodus has begun. I will say that as soon as next week, if the deal doesn't fall apart, we will sign one of the better players in your league to a contract."

Based on a set of clues Golovkov gave as to which NHL player it is that Dynamo might be negotiating with-- a forward, currently a free agent, drafted in the first round, not young but a veteran, not a superstar "like Crosby" but a decent enough player-- Soviet Sport is guessing that it's Jeff O'Neill.

Wow-- Fedor Fedorov and Jeff O'Neill on the same Dynamo team? I think my jersey closet's going to need a few more hangers...



Anonymous laurie said...

The exodus has begun, eh? Kinda sounds like he's been drinking the same bad vodka as Sport Express:

7/20/07, 11:53 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Oh, yeah-- the "Yashin: Return of the Century" story.

If Yashin is the return of the century, then I hope they saved the receipt.

7/20/07, 11:56 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

We need to see more of the Brushback jersey closet...

7/21/07, 1:54 AM

Anonymous G12 said...

I have seen it it not all that...Belive me

7/21/07, 6:01 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

No way, man-- my jersey closet's tight.

7/21/07, 11:41 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

By the way, turns out it wasn't Jeff O'Neill; it was JAMIE FREAKING LUNDMARK.

Fedor Fedorov AND Jamie Lundmark on the same Russian team-- there isn't enough peanut butter in the world to cover that much loafing...

7/27/07, 9:41 PM

Anonymous wisp666 said...

hopefully now fedor won't be the biggest floater on the team!!

and if you ever get a chance to get his jersey.. hopefully you can pass it my way :> and bolster my jersey closet!

8/13/07, 6:03 PM


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