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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fear The Dynamo

To offset the shock of Dynamo's recent signing of world-class sissy Jamie Lundmark, which is enough to make anyone disavow themselves from anything Dynamo-related through the near future, I've decided to trot out mine and Mrs. Brushback's collection of Dynamo (pronounced dee-NAH-mo) Moscow game-worn hockey jerseys, and hopefully make myself feel a little bit better that way.

I bought most of these from the exceptionally honorable Alexander Brokhman ("abrom" on eBay), except for the '04-'05 jerseys and my '02-'03 Yeremeyev, which came from other sources.

Denis Kartsev (D) '04-'05 home jersey
Notes: Spent eleven seasons with Dynamo before moving on to Lada Togliatti

Andrei Skopintsev (F) '04-'05 home jersey
Notes: Skopintsev spent parts of three seasons in the NHL, most recently for the Atlanta Thrashers in '00-'01

Vitali Yeremeyev (G) '03-'04 away jersey
Notes: A former Wolf Pack/Rangers prospect, and currently one of the best goalies in the RSL

Vladislav Boulin (D) '03-'04 away jersey
Notes: Played in the AHL with Philadelphia and Hershey between '94-'97

Vitali Yeremeyev (G) '02-'03 away jersey
Notes: G12 has pointed out to me that this one's a little too short in the hem to be a gamer, and I can see what he means, but it does have the sponsors patches sewn onto it (which are applied only by the team), and the tell-tale scuffing on the left sleeve from the catching glove. I didn't get this direct from Alexander Brokhman, but from another dealer who sent along a Brokhman certificate of authenticity

Yuri Babenko (F) '02-'03 away jersey
Notes: Played for Hershey, AHL, '98-'02; appeared in 3 games for the Colorado Avalanche, '01-'02.

Vladimir Vorobiev (F) '03-'04 home jersey
Notes: Scored 132 points in 136 games over two seasons for the Wolf Pack, '97-'99

You'll notice that Dynamo used two jersey styles in '03-'04; they first tried to re-use their jersey design from the season before, with the slight change of adding sponsors logos on the back numbers; but in the interim, the Russian National Insurance Agency became the team's primary sponsor. The insurance company didn't think their winged logo (up near the collarbone) was displayed prominently enough, so the team had to change the design of the jersey to make the "Rosgosstrakh" logo front and center.

Oddly enough, Tapeleg of Jerseys and Hockey Love has the replacement version of Yuri Babenko's jersey from '03-'04, while I own Babenko's '02-'03 jersey.

Here's one more jersey that's not game-worn:

Vitali Yeremeyev '99-'00 replica home jersey

And, lastly, to keep up the Dynamo good cheer-- little Alexander Ovechkin and Vitali Yeremeyev Dynamo figurines (not mine, unfortunately):