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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fog Bowl Revisited

I bagged on going to see the Eastern League (Double-A) All-Star Game tonight in favor of watching it on TV, and that turns out to be a good thing, I guess-- it's raining steadily now where I live (about 30 miles west of Dodd Stadium), and the stadium itself is covered in a heavy fog that has already turned a first-inning ground ball back to the pitcher into a triple.

By the way, that heavy vertical line in the screen shot, above, isn't my TV; it's the upright for the netting behind home plate. Plus, I didn't bother switching the camera over from the monochrome setting I was using the night before.

Hey, it's "live blogging" at its finest!

UPDATE 9:05pm:



Anonymous a pack fan said...

Wow, exciting game...I'm sure you're happy you didn't waste the gas to see that snore fest!

7/11/07, 11:32 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yeah, what a bummer that would've been.

It's a shame for Norwich, though-- traditionally the worst team in the league in attendance, and then they get the All-Star Game, only to have it fogged out. They can't catch a break.

7/12/07, 6:35 AM


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