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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

German Team Withdraws Yashin Offer

Alexei Yashin will have the roast duck with the mango salsa

An item was posted earlier today by the Russian site Sports Daily, citing "German press" sources, saying that the Hamburg Freezers (DEL) have withdrawn their contract offer to Alexei Yashin.

The contract offered by the German team is said to have been $8 million over three years, according to the Sports Daily report.

I briefly tried searching German news articles on my own and came up lacking, save for a seemingly farcical article posted on, dated a month ago, that scoffs at the Yashin-to-Freezers story as a prank ("Joke finds its way into press"): "That a player earning millions of dollars in the NHL would play for the Freezers... is the equivalent of a village football association announcing that they have acquired Ronaldo."

With yet another job opportunity apparently falling by the wayside, I think I have what could be the next career move for Alexei Yashin: spokesperson for GEICO.

So easy, even this guy can do it

After all, if he can get the Islanders to pick up two-thirds of the tab spread out over the next eight years, he can certainly figure out a way to save you money on your car insurance.