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Monday, July 16, 2007

I'll Take That As A 'No'

Semen Varlamov

Newly-signed Washington Caps goalie Semen "Simeon" Varlamov, in Soviet Sport on Friday:

"I have a contract with Lokomotiv for three more years, and I will play one more year in Yaroslavl. That is the agreement with Washington. My contract in the Super League allows me to leave for overseas after the following season, if I want. But first, I should have a good year with Lokomotiv." (Russian Prospects provides a translation of the full interview here.)

In a companion article to the Varlamov interview, Soviet Sport then spoke with Capitals' GM George McPhee, who said, "We'll agree if he wants to play for Lokomotiv this year. The Super League is a better place for Varlamov to work on his skills."

According to the article, McPhee then reacted "as if in shock" when the Soviet Sport reporter told him that Varlamov has three years to go on his contract with Lokomotiv.

McPhee said something to the effect of, "Is that true? That can't be true," then added, "From what we know from the press, most in Washington thought that Varlamov was a free agent after next year."

Soviet Sport also included the quote from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl GM Yuri Lukin, who said, "We agreed for next year that Semen will decide where he wants to continue his career. If he wants to play in the NHL, how are we to stop him? He'll just leave, as Malkin did."

UPDATE - Off-Wing Opinion covers all of this, including video, here.