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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

J Skidmark

Click to see actual size

This is it, folks: the oft-mentioned, but heretofore unseen, Jamie Lundmark-signed Wolf Pack souvenir Zamboni.

How much do you think this baby's worth on the open market? $10? $100? $1 million??

To be honest, I couldn't even begin to think of parting with such a precious artifact.



Anonymous Bevis said...

I would donate my time to come film you pouring gas on it and lighting it on fire. Then you could put the video up on YouTube.

7/25/07, 12:31 AM

Anonymous caldercup0 said...

I'll give you $2...

7/25/07, 12:37 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

$2?? The thing's worth $1 MILLION!!

7/25/07, 1:45 PM

Anonymous dick tidrow said...

I clicked on the photo and started laughing my ass off...

7/25/07, 2:12 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Thanks for not saying "sprayed Coke all over my keyboard" or any of those other cutesy message board cliches ("threw up in my mouth a little").

7/25/07, 3:09 PM

Anonymous nothing lane said...

I'll give ya Jeff Taffe or a 4th round pick, but that's my final offer.

7/25/07, 3:47 PM

Anonymous sparky said...

Lundmark's TSN profile:

"Has enough versatility to fill in anywhere up front. Is a mix of both blazing speed and a well-rounded game. Owns loads of untapped scoring potential.

Career Potential: Fourth line forward."

Sounds like a waste of talent.

7/26/07, 12:49 PM

Anonymous lame ulmer said...

a skidmark is simply a turd wanna-be

7/26/07, 4:43 PM

Anonymous pack attack said...

Lundmark is actually a Star Trek fan and has tapped into the Romulan cloaking technology.

7/26/07, 10:16 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

direct link to .gif file above

The Great Disappearing Lundmark...

7/27/07, 3:31 PM


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