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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Degon, Urquhart, and Plekanec make a plethora of signings for Les Habitants

In news that should be of some interest to Wolf Pack fans, if not much for anyone else, the Montreal Canadiens today announced that they have signed former Pack defenseman Marvin "Gumby Legs" Degon to a one-year deal. The deal is said to be a two-way contract, a step up from the AHL deal that Degon had the year before.

With that, the Canadiens (read: Hamilton) get one of the Pack's more useful defensemen, who showed a booming shot and a knack for timely goals in his season-and-a-half in Hartford.

In other news, one of the Pack's less useful defenseman (last season, anyway), Bryce Lampman, was traded yesterday to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Mitch Fritz, who is quite possibly the most useless player on skates.

Lampman had already signed a deal to play in Finland a month ago, though the contract reportedly does have an out clause.

Fritz, meanwhile, complained to Tampa Bay management when receiving his qualifying offer recently that he wasn't being given a shot at the NHL. This is a player who can barely move on the ice, and was literally being given 3 or 4 shifts a night this past season playing for a last-place Springfield Falcons team that has been one of the worst teams in the AHL's recent history.

Mitch Fritz checking out his own underwear

Feaster went on to give this ringing endorsement:

"We tendered the QO to Fritz because he is an organizational asset and we were not prepared to release him without some form of compensation."

Pray we don't ever see Mitch Fritz play even one game in a Wolf Pack uniform, much less in the Rangers sweater that some HockeyTurds seem to think he's ready for, because it will be awful.


Anonymous BDH said...

Frtizie's joking right? This guy is a 6 ft 8 pile of turds.

As a Lowell season ticket holder, I enjoyed every Springfield games just for the opportunity to watch this guy open the bench door for 58 minutes and then draw (at best) in his only scrap against the team to a guy 7 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter (Clarkson).

It'd be one thing if anybody was afraid of him, but heckling gets under his skin and he can be taken in fights on the ice. Useless.

7/6/07, 9:06 AM

Anonymous caldercup0 said...

Here's what happens when Mitch Fritz takes MORE than four shifts a game.

7/6/07, 12:59 PM


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