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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Alexei Lookin' Sexy

Alexei Cherepanov

With the Russian Super League pre-season in full swing (opening date for the regular season is September 4th), I figured I'd post a few photos from some of the training camp activities so far.

That's not Alexei Cherepanov at the senior prom in the above photo, by the way; the photo was taken at Avangard Omsk's post-season awards banquet from a few weeks ago, where the Avangard players received their third-place medals for the 2006-07 season.

Alexei Cherepanov signing autographs

Avangard's RSL bronze medals

Maxim Sokolov arrives at Avangard's first practice in a driving rainstorm

Pavel Rosa: You can feel the love in this room

Alexei Cherepanov trying to bulk up, to no avail

If you want to turn into a pretzel, Cherepanov will spot you

The 'Return of The Century' sits on his butt at practice

Love those Lokomotiv practice jerseys...

'Coach says we all gotta carry Yashin's jock for him'

Alexei Yashin hits the ice

No photos of Jamie Lundmark in a Dynamo uniform yet, but believe me, as soon as I find one, I'm posting it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics!
Who are the top teams in your opinion?

8/10/07, 8:48 AM

Blogger The Dark Ranger said...

Cherapanov is a gift to our beloved RANGERS -- amazing that he was left to the 17th pick, mostly based on an old scouting reel of a mis-tempered, lazy playing little Russian boy.

Ha...Slats has his ways and looking forward -- probably 2 seasons from now -- to see this kid on the ice.

But for now...we'll only be treated to the likes of Chris Drury and Scottie Gomez. Ah, poor us.

The Dark Ranger

P.S. Great site...I've linked you to mine.

8/10/07, 10:33 AM

Blogger Chemmy said...

I believe Cherepanov fell in the draft due to no fault of his own, teams are worried about getting hot prospects out of Russia.

Now that the two week notice loophole is closed up, and after the Malkin debacle, a lot of teams think it's just easier to get players not from Russia.

The Rangers are taking a gamble with Cherepanov, but if they can get him out of the RSL it will probably pay off.

8/10/07, 10:54 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Who are the top teams in your opinion?

It's kinda hard to overlook all the new signings that Ufa has made, plus they were already strong last year. Maybe Ak Bars will struggle this season? Other than that, the usuals (Lokomotiv, Metallurg Mk) should still be good.

On the other hand, Traktor might be lucky to win 10 games this year.

Great site...I've linked you to mine

That'll offset Blueshirt Bulletin dropping me. I guess I'm not wonky enough.

I've gotta add yours and a few more newer Rangers sites to my blogroll, too.

8/10/07, 12:42 PM

Anonymous caldercup0 said...

Any predictions as to how Lundmark will perform this season?

8/10/07, 4:41 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Any predictions as to how Lundmark will perform this season?

Like crap-- I can't really see him being effective in the defensive-minded Russian league. I'm figuring on a 20-point season for him, at best, followed by a quick return to North America.

BIG BREAKING NEWS: Lundmark will be wearing #71 for Dynamo, by the way.

8/10/07, 5:09 PM

Anonymous quint said...

"Lundmark will be wearing #71 for Dynamo, by the way."

That Jamie Lundmark -- he is a real tricky kinda guy. He used to wear #17 --now he's going to wear #71.


8/10/07, 7:37 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Next, he's gonna change his last name to Kramdnul.

8/10/07, 7:52 PM

Anonymous quint said...


What does that look like in Russian script?

8/10/07, 7:59 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Крамднул, approximately, since you asked.

Getting that Kramdnul nameplate ready for this season's jersey, I presume?

8/10/07, 9:22 PM


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