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Friday, August 10, 2007

Enter The Talisman

From a long, long line of bearded nipple-headed freaks

The Russian Super League team Dynamo Moscow is holding a vote among its fans to select the next team talisman (a sort of mascot-type thingy, apparently), with the above heroic-looking gladiator dude being one of the candidates. Here are the other scintillating choices:



To participate in the voting, which is taking place from now until August 20th, go to the Dynamo home page and scroll down to this ballot, which is in the left-hand sidebar:

Bonk, Turd, or Borat?

Myself, I'm voting for the wolf that looks like Brett Hull. That fat-assed tiger needs to get himself into shape before stepping into the ring against this type of tough competition.

The biggest Dynamo news of the day-- broken here first hours ago, of course-- is that Jamie Lundmark's jersey number for Dynamo is going to be 71. The number is said to have absolutely no significance, much like Jamie's hockey career.


Anonymous caldercup0 said...

The first guy kind of looks like The Flava of Cherepovets.

8/11/07, 9:42 PM

Anonymous pack attack said...

here is a submission for a wolf*pack talisman

8/12/07, 9:38 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'd say that was the Pope, but I know better...

8/13/07, 11:03 PM


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