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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fedor Fedorov not Russian enough for some people

There's been barely enough interesting Fedor Fedorov news lately-- except, that is, for a recent interview posted by that in its introduction chides Fedor for not behaving Russian enough.

Complaining that Fedorov only gave brief and generic answers, "like an American athlete", the writer went on to say, "Both in his hairstyle and his manner of dress, as well as his accent, Fedor Fedorov more resembles an American than a Russian."*

Indeed, Fedorov spends most of the interview dodging any of the questions about his checkered past and his reputation as being difficult to work with, though he does say that (at the tender age 26) he's been reduced to fielding only two-way contract offers from NHL teams now, saying that in the past two years the NHL has become a league of well-paid star players and cheaply-paid prospects, with not much being left for the median veteran players in between.

Still no close-ups of Jamie Lundmark in a Dynamo jersey, though judging by the old jerseys the team was re-using at a recent scrimmage, I'm guessing that the '07-'08 models aren't in yet. Either that, or the team's been raiding Tapeleg's closet.

*Although some people would say that's a good thing



Anonymous caldercup0 said...

That's Jamie in the back row, third from right, correct?

8/17/07, 12:40 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'm thinking it's Jamie in the middle of the back row (wearing a white jersey), but it's not easy to tell.

8/17/07, 6:55 AM


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